Together, LKAB, ABB, Epiroc, Combitech and Volvo Group initiated an in-depth cooperation, SUM, in the summer of 2018. SUM stands for Sustainable Underground Mining. The goal is to set an entirely new world standard for sustainable mining at great depths.

The work is being divided into three phases:

  • Construction of the test mine and start of pilot trials, 2018-2022.
  • Decisions on future main levels and construction on an industrial scale, 2022-2030.
  • A new global standard for sustainable mining deeper in LKAB´s underground mines, 2030-2060.

In the first phase, the prerequisites are being mapped out, the test mines are being built in LKAB’s underground mines in Kiruna and Malmberget and the decision documentation for future main levels is being developed.

After 2030, LKAB will be ready to mine iron ore deeper in the mines in Kiruna and Malmberget. This presupposes that decisions will already made in the mid-2020s for one of Sweden’s largest industrial investments ever. In phase two, the goal is that decisions will be made to build new main levels deeper in LKAB’s mines with new methods and technical solutions. Once decisions have been made about what the mining of the future should look like, the construction of new main levels will start deeper into the mines on an industrial-scale.

In the third and final phase, a new world standard will be set for sustainable mining at great depths, where Swedish industry has led the innovations in a long-term, open and transparent partnership.